Personal training is the art and science of leading someone through a workout in person.  Joey is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and carries liability insurance.  He specializes in strength training (lifting to get crazy strong), flexibility, stability and balance, muscle gain, and fat loss.

Joey has experience working with post-rehabilitated clients including those with knee, back, shoulder, hip injuries, scoliosis, type 2 diabetes, ovarian cancer, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, edema, metal body parts, ages 18-72, overweight/obese, and underweight.

Seniors who are unsure of their balance and stability and have poor flexibility have benefited from personal training with Joey.  He was able to help a 68-year-old to dramatically improve his flexibility after a knee replacement.  Athletes have benefited from personal training to maximize their training routines for sports performance.

Joey worked 20-25 client sessions a week when peaked in volume as an employed trainer at RecSports for four years experience (2012-2016) in being held to a standard of excellence to maintain employment in addition to working freelance.  Since building his private practice in nutrition counseling, he no longer works as an employed trainer and has raised his prices to the same rate as his nutrition counseling since his time is his time regardless of what he is doing.  He worked a solid 7 years doing personal training as a significant part of his income.

Please always consult with a physician prior to beginning an exercise program.  I do not diagnose, treat, rehabilitate injuries, or manipulate the spine.  I use exercise and nutrition within the scope of practice of a master’s-degreed exercise physiologist, certified personal trainer, registered and licensed dietitian, a lifetime 8-sport athlete (baseball, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, water polo, figure skating, powerlifting/weight lifting, distance running), and bike commuter.

certified personal trainingI enjoy working with those new to exercise who wish to learn what to do without the hassle of a gym membership or environment.  I am also willing to work with you at your gym if your gym allows trainers; however, I will not break the rules of a gym regarding their policies on private trainers.  I wish to have a positive relationship with local gyms and to promote proper business practices in the profession of personal training.

I am different from other personal trainers in that I have formal exercise and nutrition university education, a nationally recognized, NCCA-accredited certification, and do this for a living, not on the side.  I am serious and methodical about workouts to make sure you are optimizing your time efficiently by working out what is most important now for your goals.  Training is broken into tough days and easier days for progression and progress.

Some forms of exercise are more beneficial for your fitness goals and/or medical condition.  I highly encourage you to ask questions during a workout if you are unsure of the purpose of an exercise. Opportunities are welcome for health education.  I do NOT subscribe to the idea that not being able to walk or move the next day is the point of personal training.  The point is to improve your functional capacity, not make you pointlessly broken down and sore.  Google Rhabdomyolysis.

I travel to your home.  Workouts are 1 hour after an initial exercise consultation where we clarify goals and sign paperwork.  I use resistance tubing, dumbbells, bench, various stability training apparatus, med balls, and miscellaneous other equipment.  I do not specialize in endurance or cardiovascular training in the home setting but will teach you how and at what intensity to workout aerobically. I have experience training for a half marathon and swimming competitively year-round for 9 years.

The general population should make time for 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic physical activity (a 5 or 6 on a scale of 10, where 10 is running from a bear for your life and 1 is sleeping), or 75 minutes a week of intense aerobic physical activity (7+ on a scale of 10), or a combination of moderate and intense exercise per the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans 2008.  If this sounds like too much, it probably is and that’s why you would need more tailored recommendations from me 🙂

I recommend resistance training twice a week for most people per the aforementioned guidelines.  This number can be more or less frequent depending on your training history, ability to intensely workout, and goals.

My goal for you with resistance training, if you don’t have one already, is to get to a point of strength where you no longer have to do it twice a week, since once a week can be achieved if you get strong enough.  I also hope to get you to a point where you no longer need a trainer since you will know what you are doing.

Email or use our contact form if you are interested in personal training and check our pricing and package deals as this includes complimentary assessments during training time.