• Can You Create Sexy Back Dimples Through Exercise?

    A number of trainers were quoted in WorldLifestyle: health+fitness, including me!  I agree that the shape of your muscles is genetically determined, but you can maximize what you have by lowering body fat percentage through a healthy AND consistent eating plan as well as building up the muscles underneath the skin in the area such as the erector spinae and gluteus maximus muscles.  Everyone has Venus dimples, but the shape of your back dimples is determined by genetics, where some people have more prominent ones thanks to the shape of their connective tissue.

    The same goes for abs.  Everyone has abs, but the shape of them pops for people at different levels of fitness.  Some have to really build them up with heavy weight while maintaining a low body fat percentage to be able to have great abs, but they won’t be symmetrical if you were born with asymmetrical ones (like me).

    My back dimples never popped until I started deadlifting heavy.  I highly recommend deadlifts.

    1. Start light

    2. Learn the form

    3. Progress on weight slowly over time

    4. …

    5. Profit!  Enjoy your butt dimples 🙂

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