This is a client-driven behavior change process that leads to long-term changes in food and nutrition habits.  It can also be medical nutrition therapy for learning how to manage disease.  The first in-person session lasts 1.5-2 hours and includes an initial plan of action.  95% of clients are seen in the office at 1907 N Lamar Blvd Ste 352, Austin, TX 78705.  Some clients can be seen virtually or in the home.

You can expect questions regarding medical history, lifestyle habits, nutrition habits, and exercise habits.  Follow-up sessions are 1 hr each.  Sessions are designed to explore long-held beliefs, patterns, and emotions related to nutrition status as well as provide tangible plans of action.  We also offer phone and/or webcam-based follow-ups, for your convenience.

Nutrition and Fitness Professional, LLC is an in-network provider for most health insurance plans and DOES accept Medicare/Medicaid clients.  If you have private health insurance for which we are not an in-network provider and wish to file individually for possible reimbursement for seeing an out-of-network registered dietitian (RD), we will furnish a superbill (medical receipt) for you to submit to your insurance company.  You are more likely to meet coverage rules of your plan if you are familiar with your specific plan’s rules and coverage (make sense? :)).

Nutrition and Fitness Professional, LLC is HIPAA compliant and values your protected health information.  We maintain electronic health records in a secure format to maintain client/patient information and can communicate securely authorized healthcare providers, if requested in your Authorization for Release of Information form.

Use the contact form or email for questions and scheduling.  Check out pricing and package deals as this includes complimentary assessments and accountability services.  We are a mobile office and can sometimes travel to you.  We also have webcam and email follow-up capabilities for your convenience.  However, 95% of clients prefer the in-person visit at the office.