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     Joey Gochnour, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer

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    I do not agree with the detox girl’s discussion on how nutrients are absorbed, or the guy who believes his dog lost weight from mental stimulation.  You will never hear me use the word “detox” in a good way because registered dietitians are supposed to promote evidence-based nutrition interventions according to our code of ethics.  She demonstrates a lack of understanding of digestive physiology and nutrient metabolism, which are classes I had to pass to hold my credentials.  I am not big on the trend with green smoothies, but the yoga instructor made a balanced one.  I would support that particular recipe.

    I don’t know what super green powder is though.  If you’re going to make something with vegetables, make sure you start with vegetables and not supplement powder.  Supplements aren’t regulated until someone has an adverse side effect and reports the problem.  Until then, no one is guaranteeing that supplement has what it says it has in the bottle.  For all you know you could be getting GREEN SAND and saying you feel like your hair is shiny and skin vibrant, among other subjective claims.  Plus, vegetables are cheap.  The supplement powder is not.  I don’t understand the point of trying to go vegan/vegetarian and then increasing use of processed products.

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