You may create a profile on our nutrient analysis software for free!  Just fill out the form on our web questionnaire.  We will send you the results of your report by email.

We also have client food logging software that can save your food log and send to us for analysis, from which detailed nutrient reports can be made.  The client intake module is free to download and use to log foods, but for Nutrition and Fitness Professional to analyze the results, it is considered the Nutrient Analysis Service.  As an incentive to use the module, there is a 10% discount on nutrient analysis services and meal plans when it is used.

The advantage of using the software over something like MyFitnessPal is that MyFitnessPal’s food entries are based on user-input and are not always good entries for nutrient data as they are not verified.  This database is based on the USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Canadian Nutrient Files, as well as some brand name foods.  The reports generated for you are vastly superior to others on the Internet because they are based on good data and provide more information.

Nutrient Analysis services can be done using the Client Intake Module or by working with the RDN in person.   The Client Intake Module is designed to make the process easier, faster, more accurate, and generate tangible progress tracking reports.

You must extract all to a folder and run the setup file. Download the Client Intake Module.

If you are having trouble downloading (it is a ~12MB file), we can send you another link or email it.