• Don’t Tell Others About Your New Year’s Resolutions

    For those of you who have lofty goals of personal change this year, I say keep it to yourself.  Behavior change experts agree.

    Unless you are in an environment that is full of supportive people who wouldn’t think of undermining your endeavors because they challenge their status quo and comfort zones (not yours), just don’t tell them!  Some environments are just toxic.  Put up your antenna and scope out the situation, people, and environment before you go disclosing your change goals to people who may influence your ability to achieve them.

    Kelsey Dallas did some nice research on this subject, so I would encourage my blog readers to have a read of her article in Deseret News.  Some behavior change experts even say that positive reinforcement of goals makes it less likely for you to achieve them.  Really, just don’t tell people your goals!  It’s between you and your goal!

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