• Videos: Playground Workout

    I occasionally go to the playground to do gymnastics stuff.  It is a nice change from lifting at the gym, swimming, biking, or running.  These are not my best displays of athleticism in any of the videos, as I was tired and not recovered that day from a previous workout.

    I was also rushing myself because the sun was going to go down, so I didn’t warm up and did all this cold.  I also forgot to film the ballistic Anti-shrug on the parallel bars.  If you’re one of my clients, you know that’s one of my signature exercises.  Hopefully more videos to come.  I post here and on my YouTube channel.

    I have three YouTube channels, but I have decided to use nutrfitnesspro as my main one to keep in line with my Twitter handle.  I also own my business name, Nutrition and Fitness Professional, LLC, as well as my personal one, Joey Gochnour.  I wish you could consolidate them into one channel, but they aren’t letting you do this yet, to my knowledge.

    My vision is that future videos will be more educational, but I figured I needed to put something like this up on my website like other trainers do, essentially saying “look how athletic I am.”  If you really know me, you know I’m not that vain.  That said, I am pretty confident in athleticism.  There is a difference between being vain and confident in athleticism.  Vanity is about looks.

    Speaking of vanity, I forgot to suck in my abs and flex constantly after a pump workout to give an unrealistic body image.  I focus on functional training.  Functional training means that if it doesn’t develop a functional adaptation, why do it?  If your adaptation from exercise is to not be able to move your arms and legs, risking injury for the sake of looking swollen, pumped, and muscled, achieving slower reaction times, decreased flexibility, decreased agility, and less maximum strength, then that is the antithesis of functional training.

    Functional training is the smart man’s version of working out.  Aesthetics training can result in functional impairments on multiple fronts, depending on training style.  So, my philosophy is function first, and if aesthetics develop from that as a side effect, then that’s just icing on the cake.

    Probably will do a video on this topic later…

    And without further ado:






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