• Nutrition Credential Comparison

    Michael (Mike) J. Sandoz of MJS Nutrition created this excellent nutrition credential juxtaposition for a project during his dietetic internship.  To date, I have not seen any similar comparison of this caliber on the Internet of all the nutrition credentials out there.  It is important that the public know who to listen to when it comes to nutrition from in this industry, as everyone has their opinion, which is part of the problem!

    Be sure to follow Mike on Facebook and Twitter.  I obtained permission from Mike to repost this on my blog for more public exposure of nutrition credentials.  Most clients are not going to go looking for the information.

    Notice that some states require licensure to practice nutrition counseling (orange and red).  Yellow states require licensure if you want to become a healthcare provider for health insurance companies.  In all states, having an RD paves the pathway for licensure, but some states also allow the CNS credential to obtain a dietitian license.  If you have any questions, please comment!

    MSandoz_Poster Nutrition Credentials Juxtaposed

    Mike Sandoz Nutrition Credential Comparison

    Nutrition Credential Comparison courtesy of Mike Sandoz

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